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The Lovely Collective is a community of artists creating and sharing inspiration

The Lovely Collective is a creative and inspirational learning space, crafted and curated by Tiffany Julia of Here, Tiffany shares her personal style, inspiration, and creative process on how she goes about documenting her life and creating lovely art. She shares her unique style of combining everyday memory keeping and mixed media art journaling, with loads of inspirational resources thrown into the mix.

It is also a community of like-minded creatives, who value the practice of documenting ones own story. Here, we can all share our love for memory keeping, journaling, photography, self-improvement, and more. 

You’re bound to be inspired to create the most beautiful work unique to you. So come on in and take a look around. There are loads of ways you can join in and begin learning, creating, and sharing.

Membership to The Lovely Collective is completely FREE. By joining the community, you get access to everything I have to offer all in one place, as well as a blooming community of like-minded creatives sharing their stories and creative journey. The FREE community content includes a combination of inspiration letters and blog posts, a monthly free printable, process videos, vlogs and more from me, plus the added bonus of the community's contributions.

The PAID membership to The Lovely Collective is for those of you who want to show monetary support of my content creation on a monthly basis. This works like an artist tip jar, much like my Patreon page did. For $2.99 a month, you get access to everything the free community has to offer, an exclusive 20% off coupon code to use anytime in my shop, and my undying gratitude.

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